Fincoda Survey System

A tool for universities and other working life organizations for measuring individuals’ innovation competencies

Amazing results

Scaled bar charts provide a visual representation of data across dimensions

Awesome design

The columns in the survey report display grouped data and compare across dimensions

FINCODA - Framework for Innovation Competencies
Development and Assessment


Internal development activities and
training services for staff


Improve the quality and efficiency of education and training


The development and assessment of innovation competencies


FINCODA produces several remarkable tangible outputs:

✓   A Toolkit for Behaviour Assessment:
Available as an electronic guide on the Internet
Can be used as a self learning material guide for training purposes

✓   Software Application for Innovation Competencies Assessment

✓   Massive Open Online Courses related to Behaviour Assessment

✓   Rater Training Workshop

✓   Innovation Competencies Assessment Workshops

FINCODA - user friendly design

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Mr. Balsam Abdulghani
FINCODA Software Application Manager
Turku University of Applied Sciences
Turku Finland
Tel +358-449074990

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